Rebu Collective – Personal Style Is More Important Than Fashion Trends

The Covid-19-pandemic has changed fashion forever.

On one hand, there’s never been more dedication to following the latest trends, but on the other hand there’s been an undeniable rebellion against trends by some major tastemakers in favor of personal style. 

In our digital-first world, trends are peaking more quickly than ever.

We discover new trends all the time and then the excitement we felt, when we first laid eyes on them, fades faster. 

This new ‘fast-fast fashion’ is the reason why ReBu Collective is more interested in personal style rather than fashion.

We don’t want to be a part of what is fading fast.

Instead, we want to proof that it is possible to be both stylish and in fashion without having to follow every new and fast trend.

For us, it is about creating a perfect balance between long-lasting items and being in the moment.

This is our winter 2022 collection a proof of. Pair the Off-Shoulder Dress with the Plaid Suit trousers and you have another stylish look made of timeless clothes.