Get Rid of Clothes that Make you Feel Crappy!

The first step to dressing better is having clothes that make you feel good. Make feel nice and confident.

 If you have clothes in your wardrobe that are too tight, don’t flatter you, you had bought them years ago take them out of your wardrobe immediately.

Donate them and stop the toxic relationship with them because you believed that one day you will wear it again.

Don’t squeeze your body anymore to put it in your lovely jean you were bought last decade.

It’s time to say goodbye and create space for new things and new experiences.

Self-confidence comes from the new and from what we do to get rid of our old clothes.

 It doesn’t matter how expensive or cheap it is, what matters is how you feel.

In life you should not feel hopeless and if you do you should find ways to change it.

And especially when you’re struggling to fit into your favorite pair of jeans you no longer fit.

Invest in your self – New things – New Experiences!