About us

In Rebu our vision is to make every woman feel full of confidence.

The Story behind ReBu

Six months ago, I had an invitation for a theme party and unfortunately, I didn’t have a dress that could fit the theme.

I opened my wardrobe, and I realized that I have so many occasion dresses which I wore only for once and now are out of fashion.

And I wondered why I have kept all those clothes for so many years and most of them don’t fit me anymore.

Immediately I decided to create space in my closet by donating my clothes and keeping the memories from them.

From that moment my Motto is to INVEST IN MY SELF!  NOT TO BORING CLOTHES!

And the ReBu idea came to me completely unexpectedly…

I thought about how convenient it would be if I could rent an outfit for a special occasion and invest the money for special clothes which I will wear more often and will be unique.

That’s ReBu Collective – Here we are!

In ReBu you will be able to find clothes to rent for special occasions or to buy wearable clothes and create more memories and experiences !